Why Malaysia Will Nvr Have A Superhero Movie

i thought of tis while im watchin Ben 10. hahahaha.. anyway while watchin, i was tryin to think of a Msian superhero tv show..cartoon..the onli thing tat come to my mind is Kacang.. saw the ads the other day. bout Kacang which talks ==

then i was reasonin out why we can nvr have a superhero movie.. first of all..the heroes r usually students (power rangers, ben 10, powerpuff girls, etc) which have special equipment tat enables them to transform into their hero form..

take Ben 10 (Ali Sepuluh) for example..he has the watch(Omnitrix) tat enables him to morph into 10diff types of monsters.. the bad point is he cant take the omnitrix off. now imagine a msian student havin the watch.. sure kena rampas one when he reaches skool...

now Ultraman (Lelaki Ultra) or Power Rangers .. they wil use some kind of item n wit a little screamin n shoutin, they wil be able to morph. with the amount of prefects we have in skool, try bringin smtg lidat in ur bag.. guarantee kena rampas durin spot-check...

Power Rangers (Renjer Berkuasa).. they have the zords to fight large monsters.. if msia were to have power rangers, after they cal out their zords to fight, u will see groups of ppl walkin down the street, holdin banners, cursin... bcuz u have destroyed their hse in the process.. riot..

wat about Powerpuff Girls (Perempuan Berkuasa Pau)?? with their attire, they wudnt be able to enter the skool at all.. n the show kenot be shown bcuz it wil set a bad example to children for not goin to skool..

Gundam (Gandum).. the robot wil not last long.. bcuz the person who build it, uses some cheap metal instead n send the receipt wit the original price..

so the onli superhero we can have.. is some random guy, transformin by using his handkerchief as his mask, changin a diff colour socks, takes off his pants, n change to a skool t-shirt. n he must not use anythin offensive as his symbol..or he might be caught under the ISA..

then u wil ask me.. wat bout Cicakman? well have u seen him in action? the way he uses his tongue to cling on n swing across buildin? wit the state of cleanliness around msia, he wil die of poisonin when he retract his tongue back.

Friday, October 9, 2009

15 Malaysia

Potong Saga
by Ho Yuhang

by Yasmin Ahmad

The Tree
by Amir Muhammad

by Linus Chung

by Liew Seng Tat

The Son
by Desmond Ng

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help Psychology Challenge 2009

i participated in tis competition last month when i accidentally came across their ads in the newspaper.. wat u have to do is write an essay with title "how can psychology help young people to achieve their full potential in life?" n ans some simple ques then email it to them. 30 candidates will be selected n move on to the final round which was held in Help University itself. kinda suprised when they called me n say u have been chosen to be the top30. im drivin tat time. haha.. a big THANK YOU to my dear kawan baik ni-ko-la-tong for checkin my essay for grammatical errors yang teramat banyak lebih dari sekali (normal is lebih banyak sekali :P) n also to shaun tamiya for his effort to look thru my essay n commentin on it. i think if it wasnt for his comments, i wont be in the finals.

the final is on sat..so i went up to kl on fri after skool...alone~ luckily i have a place to stay...thanks alex~~~~ for guidin tis kampung boy alone in kl..haha.. he fetched me from somewhere then go makan n balik to rest.. woke up at around 7smtg n get ready to go to Help uni..met alot of ppl dere..from around malaysia..one was from Sri Lanka.. so we sat in the lecture hall..ermmm can i say kinda proud to be in mhs bcuz when the lecturer introduce me, he mentioned my skool n say "hmmm..a very famous skool"...so we have to stuff 1 yr of lecture in a 4hours lecture into our brain.. it was tirin....

the test was...diff.. its an open book test based on the notes u have taken down urself.. 3rounds, each round wil be have a series of ques. they wil display one ques at a time on the screen n ur given 10sec to raise ur ans (they gave us 5 cards wit labels A-E). the trick is there might be more than 1 ans or no ans at all. some ques wil have 3 correct ans n ur suppose to raise all 3 cards to earn points.. 1 wrong ans wil cause u one point. if dere r no ans, ur suppose to raise ur card wit the blank page showin up. well i managed to get to round 2 only..cuz most of the time i raise 1 ans only when they are 2 or 3..

in round 3, top 3 wil be chosen n they r suppose to present their essays to the judges.. eric bryan was one of the judge..hail lasallian! so after the competition, its prize givin ceremony n finalist from diff rounds wil get diff prizes..luckily im in round 2.. round 1 wil leave u wit a plastic bag and a book..round 3 wil leave u wit 3books (accordin to my fren its 3 exercise books). n ROUND 2 wil leave u wit this

it was a fun n informative experience to me.. i get to know more bout psychology n im considerin to take tis course after stpm....but im stil considerin :D n ya..terima kasih teramat banyak to shaun again..he came n get me to the bus station.. so tar-ched.. terima kasih banyak banyak!!

First Prize Winner : Millie Ong, SMK (P) Sri Aman

Second Prize Winner: Mohd Khair Amsyar, SMK Datok Lokman

Third Prize Winner: Lynnette Oon Yi-Xian, SMK Damansara Utama

Round 3 Finalists (Top 10)

Gwyneth Liew Hui Xin, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4)

Michelle Chee, SMK Sultan Sulaiman

Sia Shu Li, SMK USJ 13

Chong Xin Yi, SMK USJ 12

Nadia Amirah, SMK Abdul Rahman Talib

Cheng Li Yang, SMK (L) Methodist Kuala Lumpur

Ruth Chua Chu Ming, Methodist Girls' School Penang

Round 2 Finalists (Top 20)

Lim Chun Yian, SMK Tinggi Melaka

Harvinder Singh, Advance Tertiary College KL

Justine Tan, Grace Resource Homeschooling Centre

Evelyn Teoh Gaik Xian, SM Convent, Ipoh

Lim Shu Yoong, Methodist Girls' School Penang

Yap Wai Meng, SMK Damansara Jaya

Fathima Imara Fahim, Elizabeth Moir School, Sri Lanka

Chong Mei-Lynn, SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

Eugene Lau Ing Yew, SMK Damansara Jaya

Round 3 Finalists (Top 30)

Jasveena Kaur Gill, SMK Convent Klang

Ezza Melina, SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

Natasya Falina, SMK Bandar Baru Sungai Long

Rachel Liu Jia-Hui, Home School

Reuben Liu Jia-Jun, Home School

Chow Jian Vern, SMK Bandar Baru Sungai Long

Tan Wen Zhong, Disted College

Kok Hou-Yi, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3)

Lau Mun Yee, Sunway University College

Heng Cheng Hua, KBU International College

Sunday, August 23, 2009


more to come :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cousy's wedding in Batu Pahat

cute lil cousin again..tis is not the one gettin married ==
went up to my grandma's hse in batu pahat last fri to help prepare for my cousin's weddin which is on the sun.. sadly we did ntg while we r dere except for sat nite n sun mornin.. i was bored to death.. i did not bring any form of entertainment dere except for my hp..

waitin in the car to go get his honey..

loving couple

the wedding car

happy guy :D


first kiss as her husband

reachin back to my grandma's hse

family pic..dad's siblings

Cousins XD

back in their new home

lovely bed

me n grandma

another lovely couple :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Inti Trip 2009

kinda late but is better than nothing rite? hahahaha...

love, black, sooooon, tong n tan sri

wonderful team

evidence showin kai li breakin the lab rule..hehe..

Kai Li aka auntie aka Tiang..

future researchers..

our class teacher

he tested one of the chemicals dere..

Pilip n lamb

future doktor doctor sekalian..(sanjiv is cryin :D)

group pic wit our facilitator, ms chu chu

not reali as wonderful as the 1st team..but they wil do

kai li's bag..hahahha

n the clowns of the class..
im jus toooo lazy to type here..anyway i was sick for 5days already since sunday nite.. feelin better d.. n its not swine flu ==

Friday, June 19, 2009

No title



.....due date



wake up...
mei u too..09

Wednesday, June 10, 2009