Why Malaysia Will Nvr Have A Superhero Movie

i thought of tis while im watchin Ben 10. hahahaha.. anyway while watchin, i was tryin to think of a Msian superhero tv show..cartoon..the onli thing tat come to my mind is Kacang.. saw the ads the other day. bout Kacang which talks ==

then i was reasonin out why we can nvr have a superhero movie.. first of all..the heroes r usually students (power rangers, ben 10, powerpuff girls, etc) which have special equipment tat enables them to transform into their hero form..

take Ben 10 (Ali Sepuluh) for example..he has the watch(Omnitrix) tat enables him to morph into 10diff types of monsters.. the bad point is he cant take the omnitrix off. now imagine a msian student havin the watch.. sure kena rampas one when he reaches skool...

now Ultraman (Lelaki Ultra) or Power Rangers .. they wil use some kind of item n wit a little screamin n shoutin, they wil be able to morph. with the amount of prefects we have in skool, try bringin smtg lidat in ur bag.. guarantee kena rampas durin spot-check...

Power Rangers (Renjer Berkuasa).. they have the zords to fight large monsters.. if msia were to have power rangers, after they cal out their zords to fight, u will see groups of ppl walkin down the street, holdin banners, cursin... bcuz u have destroyed their hse in the process.. riot..

wat about Powerpuff Girls (Perempuan Berkuasa Pau)?? with their attire, they wudnt be able to enter the skool at all.. n the show kenot be shown bcuz it wil set a bad example to children for not goin to skool..

Gundam (Gandum).. the robot wil not last long.. bcuz the person who build it, uses some cheap metal instead n send the receipt wit the original price..

so the onli superhero we can have.. is some random guy, transformin by using his handkerchief as his mask, changin a diff colour socks, takes off his pants, n change to a skool t-shirt. n he must not use anythin offensive as his symbol..or he might be caught under the ISA..

then u wil ask me.. wat bout Cicakman? well have u seen him in action? the way he uses his tongue to cling on n swing across buildin? wit the state of cleanliness around msia, he wil die of poisonin when he retract his tongue back.

Friday, October 9, 2009

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vivian said...

hahha..dun look down on cicakman..atleast he made it to cicakman 2! =P
might even stay alive til cicakman3! hahahhaaa...pray hard cicakman3 won't be out! haha!!